What Does The 'EXP' in eXp Realty Stand For?

Dated: January 29 2020

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Here is a question that comes up all the time. What does the EXP stand for? 

The unofficial answer to this question is that the three letters E-X-P don't have any specific meaning at all. However, when you put those three letters together they form some of the most explosive words in the English language.

The best way to describe what we as a brokerage truly stand for is to review our company’s core values.  Service, Sustainability, Collaboration, Transparency, Integrity, Innovation, Agile, Fun, and Community.

In conclusion, you’ll have to track down our founder, Glenn Sanford someday and ask him, what does eXp Realty stand for? But for us and the thousands of other agents across the country, we’re lucky that eXp Realty is built upon and conducts business according to some amazing core values.

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Rebecca Devan

Rebecca is a real estate expert in Asheville, N.C. With profound experience in this field, Rebecca can provide the best advice to home sellers and can help you get your home ready to sell in 30 days. ....

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